воскресенье, 5 апреля 2015 г.

3 new UK82 punk tapes at once! Pox (NYC), Primitive Pact (NYC), Savageheads(Boston)!!!

Theres a good news for those who care and who adore the British punk sound of early 80's like bands from Riot City and No Future Records!!! I'm happy to announce 3 new releases of american punk bands playing in such vein!

Primitive Pact - Acid Rain demo ( NYC UK82 Riot City styled band, this is the second press of the demo. First one was put out by the band and sold out pretty quick during their West coast USA tour with Ssyndrom)

Pox -demo (brand new 4 track demo from new NYC punk band, sounds like punk 77-79 /KBD punk etc). Including members of Sad Boys and AUBE.

Savageheads - demo (4 track demo 2013, catchy as hell songs in the vein of The Partisans- you know how this band is impossible to confuse with some others). Including 3/4 of Bloodkrow Butcher, also guys play/ played in No sir i Wont, Male Nurses, Subclinix, 2x4, Casanovas in Heat and lots of others! Also interview with Brian (the singer) will be in second issue of my zine Surface Noises!

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