вторник, 19 июля 2016 г.

RATS EYES - 3016 PUNKS !!!!

Rat's Eyes - Vol.3016 cassette is out now!
Boom! Third release during one week is available now through Voice From Inside Tapes. Reissue of the second tape of moscow rat punks Rat's Eyes (first run was done through We Stand Records from Russia). 5 trax of middle tempo raw and aggressive hardcore punk for all who still remember the rage of bands like Hoax or Gag. FUTURE 3016 PUNKS!


Wastoids - 5 more songs tape is up now!
Latest 5 track tape from Toronto punk outfit sounding like 80's Boston/ early-mid 2000's Toronto hardcore punk influenced by 80's UK punk. Previously released as short run by the band so its kinda new release! Punk for punks and no one else!

воскресенье, 10 июля 2016 г.



This split 12" is named like Hardcore Radikal LatinoAmerica and it completely reflects this title in both bands who are Maquina Muerta from Mexico who are currently located in Barcelona, Spain and peruvian DHK (Destruye Huye Krea). Maquina Muerta, including Bernat from Orden Mundial on guitar is really well done spanish version of Discharge, I wouldnt say its fast paced, more rather middle tempo with d-beat drums (a bit faster though than you might think about) punk structure of the songs similar to Hear Nothing LP, with simply but pretty energetic and catchy guitar riffs, I'm sure lots of you might hear some MG-15 influences as well, but yeah thats pretty obvious, isnt it? As for the DHK they sound way more different from Maquina, rawer and more primitive with firm South American feel, would think like Anti-Cimex (Raped Ass and Victims of the Bombraid era) played more primitive way haha! Locos !!